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Press releases

12. Juni 2018

Great weather at the inauguration ceremony for Energiekontor AG’s first own solar park in Garzau-Garzin

Bremen, 12 June 2018. Last Friday, Energiekontor AG celebrated the official inauguration of its first group-owned solar park in Garzau-Garzin, Brandenburg, in bright sunshine. In addition to representatives of the partner companies and banks, guests included representatives of the local authorities and municipality, property owners as well as members of the local communities.

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23. Mai 2018

Report on the Annual General Meeting of Energiekontor AG

Bremen, 23 May 2018. Today, Energiekontor AG held its Annual General Meeting in Ritterhude near Bremen. It was attended by about 120 invited shareholders, shareholder representatives and guests. In his presentation, the CEO of Energiekontor AG, Peter Szabo, reported on the current market conditions, the past 2017 financial year and the Company’s first successes in its new markets. He also described how Energiekontor AG sets itself apart from other market players in its pioneering role in the industry.

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18. Mai 2018

Energiekontor realises Withernwick II – the first wind project without state subsidies in the UK

Bremen, 18 May 2018. After signing a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with a global company in the consumer goods industry, Energiekontor has achieved the financial close for the English wind farm project, Withernwick II. The economic viability of this project is based solely on the conclusion of this PPA. As far as the Company is aware, Withernwick II is thus the first wind farm project in the UK to be realised without state subsidies.

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18. April 2018

Energiekontor adds first solar park to Group portfolio

Bremen, 18 April 2018. By connecting the Garzau-Garzin solar park to the grid, Energiekontor AG has now completed the construction of the project commenced at the end of 2017. The solar park with more than 35,000 polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules and total rated power of about 10 MWp is located in the district of Märkisch Oderland in the eastern part of the German federal state of Brandenburg. The expected annual output of more than 10 million kWh would suffice in theory to supply more than 3,000 households with electricity. Since the PV project had already been awarded in the auction round in April 2016, the electricity from the park will be remunerated at an attractive feed-in tariff under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) for a period of 20 years. Garzau-Garzin is the first solar park to be transferred to Energiekontor AG’s own portfolio.

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12. April 2018

Bremen-based wind power pioneer publishes annual financial statements for 2017

Bremen, 12 April 2018. Given the significant additions to Group-owned wind farms from own developments, Energiekontor AG’s earnings for the 2017 financial year were in line with expectations. Group EBT amounted to EUR 16.7 million (previous year: EUR 35.5 million) and consolidated net income came to EUR 11.9 million (previous year: EUR 25.3 million). At EUR 202.1 million, the Group’s total output was well above the previous year (previous year: EUR 166.7 million) and underlines the sustained high productivity and ability of the Company to create value.

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16. Februar 2018

Energiekontor successfully implements all projects that were approved before the end of 2016

Bremen, 16 February 2018. Energiekontor AG has completed the construction of Hammelwarder Moor wind farm (10.2 MW) and has begun construction of the Bremen-Hemelingen wind farm (12.8 MW) as well as the single turbine Debstedt II (4.5 MW). At the end of December 2017, the Company achieved commissioning as planned of two wind farms that have been sold to an investor, Odisheim (10.2 MW) in Lower Saxony und Hürth-Barbarahof (5.0 MW) in North Rhine-Westphalia. Almost all of the projects that were planned for the 2017 financial year were completed by the end of the year. Only the commissioning of the third turbine at Hammelwarder Moor wind farm (10.2 MW), which will remain in the Group-owned portfolio, was delayed into the new year.

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22. November 2017

Energiekontor reaches finals for prestigious award

Bremen, 22 November 2017. Last Friday in Berlin, Energiekontor AG was celebrated as one of 29 finalists selected from several hundred applications for the Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 award. The Company was represented by its CEO Peter Szabo and the Company founders Dr Bodo Wilkens and Günter Lammers. The competition, which is sponsored by the auditing and consultancy company EY (formerly Ernst & Young) for the 21st time, distinguishes the best owner-managed medium-sized businesses in Germany.

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23. Oktober 2017

Energiekontor signs agreement on the sale of the Odisheim wind farm in Lower Saxony

Bremen, 23 October 2017. With the signing of the sales agreement for the Odisheim wind farm, Energiekontor AG has sold another wind farm to SDAX-listed, Hamburg-based solar park and wind farm operator Capital Stage. The Odisheim wind farm, which is located close to the Elbe estuary in the district of Cuxhaven, consists of three structurally identical wind turbine systems with total rated power of 10.2 MW. Each of the turbines has a hub height of 119 metres and a rotor diameter of 114 metres. Construction of this wind farm is to be completed before the end of the current year.

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10. Oktober 2017

Official inauguration of the Kreuzau-Steinkaul wind farm

Last Friday, Bremen-based project developer Energiekontor AG celebrated the inauguration of the Kreuzau-Steinkaul wind farm in North Rhine-Westphalia. The ceremony was attended by local politicians and administrative officers such as Astrid Hohn, major Ingo Eßer and deputy major Adolf Breuer, Ms von Thum and Bernadette Weiler as well as numerous other invited guests and interested local citizens.

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31. August 2017

Energiekontor AG achieves good half-year results 2017

Energiekontor AG closed the first half of the 2017 financial year with group revenue of EUR 41.4 million (previous year: EUR 43.3 million) and total output of EUR 82.4 million (previous year: EUR 55.6 million). Group EBIT was EUR 13.2 million in the first half of 2017 (previous year: EUR 14.2 million), and income from ordinary activities (EBT) came in at EUR 4.4 million (previous year: EUR 4.8 million). Earnings per share in the first six months of the current financial year amounted to EUR 0.22 (previous year: EUR 0.23).

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29. Juni 2017

Torben Möller appointed as Energiekontor AG’s third member of the Board

Today, the Supervisory Board of Energiekontor AG appointed Torben Möller as the third member of the Management Board. Mr Möller initially set up the Repowering division efficiently as head of department. For more than a year, he has also successfully handled the coordination of innovation and competitive measures and the introduction of an agile project management system. Due to his achievements, he became the managing director of several subsidiaries of Energiekontor AG last year.

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23. Mai 2017

Annual General Meeting of Energiekontor AG

Bremen, 23 May 2017. Today, Energiekontor AG held its Annual General Meeting in Ritterhude near Bremen. It was attended by about 120 invited shareholders, shareholder representatives and guests. Peter Szabo, the CEO of Energiekontor AG, held a presentation on the Company’s current business performance, also explaining the strategic positioning of Energiekontor AG in a changed market environment.

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11. April 2017

Energiekontor stays on its growth path with a further increase in earnings

Bremen-based project developer Energiekontor AG publishes its 2016 annual results Bremen, 11 April 2017. Energiekontor AG has once again achieved a considerable increase in earnings in the 2016 financial year. While Group revenue increased by 5 percent to EUR 201.8 million (previous year: EUR 191.3 million), consolidated income before taxes (EBT) climbed nearly 20 percent to EUR 35.5 million (previous year: EUR 29.7 million). At EUR 25.3 million, consolidated net income (previous year: EUR 20.9 million) saw a year-on-year increase of 21 percent.

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01. März 2017

Warburg Research publishes first research report on Energiekontor AG

Coverage initiated with Buy recommendation and price target of EUR 19.00 Bremen, 1 March 2017. Yesterday, Warburg Research, a fully-owned subsidiary of the private bank M. M. Warburg in Hamburg, initiated its coverage of Energiekontor AG. In his comprehensive research report, the analyst, Arash Roshan Zamir, recommends the Energiekontor shares as a Buy with a price target of EUR 19.00 and 21 percent upside.

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30. Dezember 2016

Energiekontor commissions three repowering projects before the end of the year as planned

By completing all projects foreseen for the current year, the Bremen-based project developer secures the forecast annual results 2016 Bremen, 30 December 2016. With the wind farms Debstedt (13.5 MW) and Breitendeich (6.4 MW) in Lower Saxony as well as Grevenbroich (7.5 MW) in North Rhine-Westphalia, Energiekontor AG has commissioned all repowering projects as planned for this year. In the first half of the year, the wind farm Hürth (8.55 MW) near Cologne was completed, followed in late summer by the solar park Nadrensee (ca. 10 MWp) located in the southeast of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The last project built and sold this year, the wind farm Klein Woltersdorf (2.4 MW) in Brandenburg, is to be connected to the grid in spring 2017.

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16. Dezember 2016

Energiekontor sells English Gayton le Marsh wind farm – Proceeds are to be used to pay back loans

Bremen, 16 December 2016. Energiekontor AG has sold the Gayton le Marsh wind farm (16.4 MW) to a British investor, thus taking an important step towards achieving the forecast annual target for 2016. The wind farm is located about ten kilometres from the east coast of England in the county of Lincolnshire. The site consists of eight wind turbines with 2.05 MW each that were fully commissioned at the beginning of 2016. The proceeds from the sale are to be used to prematurely repay existing loans for Group-owned wind farms.

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19. September 2016

Energiekontor AG: following private placement of share packages of the founders Günter Lammers and Dr Bodo Wilkens, free float increases to 42.9 percent

Bremen, 19 September 2016. Günter Lammers and Dr Bodo Wilkens, the two founders and shareholders of Energiekontor AG (ISIN DE0005313506), each sold about 7.0 percent of the Energiekontor AG shares to several institutional investors via private placement. The transaction increases the percentage of Energiekontor AG’s free float to 42.9 percent. The two Company founders each hold on to about 28.6 percent (corresponding to a total of 57.1 percent) of the Company’s shares and thus continue to be anchor shareholders of Energiekontor AG. The composition of the Supervisory Board remains unchanged.

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01. September 2016

Energiekontor AG: Sale and commissioning of Nadrensee solar park

Bremen, 1 September 2016. Energiekontor AG has sold the Nadrensee solar park to the public utilities company Stadtwerke Tübingen. The solar park went into operations and was connected to the grid only a few days after the agreements were signed. The project was bought in the first auction round for solar plants in Germany in April 2015.

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31. August 2016

Energiekontor AG presents sound results for first half of the year

Bremen, 31 August 2016. Energiekontor AG closed the first half of 2016 with group revenue of EUR 43.3 million (previous year EUR 30.2 million) and total output of EUR 55.6 million (previous year: EUR 67.6 million). Group EBIT was 14.2 million in the first half of 2016 (previous year: EUR 12.3 million) and income from ordinary activities (EBT) came in at EUR 4.8 million (previous year: EUR 2.5 million). Earnings per share in the first six months of the current financial year amounted to EUR 0.23 (previous year: EUR 0.12).

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10. August 2016

With the Grevenbroich repowering project, Energiekontor chalks up another wind farm sale in North Rhine-Westphalia

Bremen, 10 August 2016. Barely a month after signing the contract for the Breitendeich project, Energiekontor AG is to sell its third repowering project at Grevenbroich to Capital Stage AG, thereby underlining its successful cooperation with the SDAX-listed solar park and wind farm operator based in Hamburg.

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