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Investments overview

There are various options for you to invest in the expansion of wind and solar energy

Invest in our projects

Financing is an essential part of successful project planning and Energiekontor has a high degree of expertise and knowledge in this field. Whenever a wind farm is developed or refinanced, the company ensures that the required capital is available when needed. Work commences once the planning application has been filed. Banks look into the economic efficiency of the project.

But there are also various options for equity providers to invest funds in the expansion of wind/solar energy or existing projects with variable maturities. Energiekontor offers corporate bonds or step-up bonds with a minimum investment amount from just EUR 3,000.

Investors can further acquire entire wind farms or solar parks. The company founds an independent project company for each project, giving investors the opportunity to take over turn-key wind farms by means of a share deal.

In principle, investors can also partake of Energiekontor AG’s success by acquiring Energiekontor shares.

Do you have any questions regarding our investment opportunities? Please feel free to call us!