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Step-up bonds

You only need a relatively low capital commitment to invest in sustainable energy production - our success model!

Fixed interest rates and a high degree of security

Step-up bonds are a proven success model that has, in the past, resulted in placements in record time and allows investors to acquire a share in sustainable energy generation applying a relatively low amount of capital (e.g. EUR 3,000). The offer addresses investors with a medium-term strategy who are seeking fixed interest rates and a high degree of security.

The full net asset value of the wind farms serves as security for the funds applied. In other words: one of the bond issuer’s wind farms is designated in advance to serve as security in case interest and/or redemption payments fail.

Another characteristic of step-up bonds is that investors do not receive their entire capital back all in one go, but in several steps. Interest is also paid out gradually.

Please note that the bearer bonds are offered exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany.