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... even wind turbines can start to show their age!

Repowering increases the yield

The repowering of old sites – i.e. the replacement of old facilities with new, more powerful turbines – is a key part of business planning for the Energiekontor Group. The Group has been successfully implementing projects in this field since 2001/2002. It means that the yield on a given acreage can be multiplied by erecting only a few very large and modern turbines.

Examples include the extensive repowering measures at the Holßel wind farm (Cuxhaven district) in 2012, where 25 turbines of the 1 MW class were replaced with 20 turbines of 2.3 MW each. Despite reducing the number of turbines, the electricity yield from this farm has more than doubled to more than 100 GWh p.a. The Flögeln repowering project was commissioned (18 MW) in 2014, and at this site the yield increased nearly ten-fold when the larger and higher turbines went into operation. In 2016, another three repowered sites were commissioned: Debstedt (13.5 MW), Breitendeich (6.4 MW) and Grevenbroich (7.5 MW).

Would you also like to secure the potential of your wind farm in the future?

Within the scope of Repowering, Energiekontor redevelops existing wind farm areas and develops economically viable projects with cutting-edge wind turbines. This approach allows optimal use of development areas, extending the term of the original investment substantially. Next generation wind turbines guarantee a high degree of reliability and secure earnings - benefits for our partners.

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