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Corporate bonds

Join us in driving forward the expansion of renewable energy and invest in our success!

In addition to step-up bonds, the Energiekontor Group regularly places corporate bonds, allowing investors to participate in the company’s success and simultaneously driving the buoyant expansion of wind power in Germany. The proceeds from corporate bonds are mainly used for prefinancing, interim financing and refinancing of wind farm projects.

Investors receive a guaranteed and attractive interest rate during the term of the bonds, which is usually five years. The securities are thus a promising model for investors looking for short to medium-term investments with a good yield and limited risk.

Energiekontor AG is a highly solid and creditworthy issuer with a well-filled project pipeline and a positive track record stretching back more than 25 years guaranteeing the safety of your investment. In addition to planning and realising wind farms, the Energiekontor Group also operates a steadily increasing number of Group-owned wind farms as an independent medium-sized power producer.

Energiekontor also currently owns and operates 37 wind farms and one solar park with total rated power of around 370 megawatts.

Please note that the bearer bonds are offered exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany.