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Solar parks

Solar energy - green, emissions-free energy "Made by Energiekontor"


What do we do?

Our team manages all phases of a successful project development of ground-mounted solar parks - from planning and construction, through to commissioning and operation. We are active throughout Germany and see our competence in a principle based on regionalization. We are represented on site with regional teams and therefore know our target regions very well. At our locations in Bremen, Bernau near Berlin and Augsburg, our experienced employees are committed to the completion of the projects. Our portfolio includes both EEG-subsidized projects and fully subsidy-free PPA solar parks.

An overview:

  • Land acquisition and evaluation of potential sites
  • Planning permission process with high levels of expertise in nature conservation
  • Permit and grid connection planning
  • Securing EEG feed-in tariffs
  • Conclusion of power purchase agreements (PPA)
  • Financing
  • Purchasing of components
  • Technical planning (String and Inverter)
  • Site and cable route planning
  • Coordination and supervision of construction phase
  • Technical and commercial operation and management (24/7 Control Room)

How we work?

A trusting relationship with our partners is crucial for long-term cooperation. We treat our partners as equals and rely on long-term partnerships in our target regions. Our experience of more than 30 years on the market accelerates project completion and increases project success. Energiekontor thinks ahead and long term, in order to make the vision of a power supply from 100% renewable energies possible.

What do you get out of it?

Our very attractive lease offers and models provide regular, reliable income for land owners on whose land the solar park is being built. With our solar parks, we implement various models for citizen participation and involvement in the region. In doing so, we combine the value of rural areas with the advantages of green, emission-free power generation. We can also implement other offers such as e-bike charging stations, observation towers, outdoor classrooms or the production of our solar park honey in your community.

What is important to us?

We plan and build our solar parks on agriculturally low-yielding land. Thus, we provide a secondary income for agriculture in times of worsening climate. Through large distances between module rows and a high degree of aeration below the module tables, we ensure that plants and animals can settle undisturbed in the quiet, natural areas. Over the course of the 30 years of operation of the solar parks, we create peaceful zones for rare species and thus increase biodiversity. Very often, sheep take over the maintenance of the surface. This allows new valuable humus to form, which noticeably increases the quality of the soil.

We are constantly looking for suitable areas and cooperation partners for new projects.

Please feel free to contact us or use our app! You can download it via the following links:

Do you have suitable land to lease?

If you are interested in a long-term lease of your land, we will check quickly, without obligation and of course free of charge, whether your area is suitable. We are looking for areas for lease or for joint realisation. Do you have land to lease? Then please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

Planned and constructed solar parks:

LocationStateTariffPowerYear of construction
DebstedtNDSEEG1,5 MWp2012
RaminMVEEG9 MWp2013
WeitgendorfBBGEEG6,8 MWp2014
Groß BehnitzBBGEEG8 MWp2015
NadrenseeMVEEG8,9 MWp2016
Garzau-GarzinBBGEEG10 MWp2017
ZapelMVEEG6,25 MWp2018
AbsbergBYEEG4,75 MWp2019
GefreesBYEEG4,7 MWp2019
Karstädt GarlinBBGEEG3,8 MWp2019
Höttingen 1BYEEG8,3 MWp2020
TheilenhofenBYEEG9,2 MWp2021
StopfenheimBYEEG7,5 MWp2021
Garzau-Garzin 2BBGEEG4,7 MWp2021
Karstädt 2BBGEEG+PPA15,6 MWp2022
LetschinBBGPPA60 MWp2024 - 2025
Dettmannsdorf-GrünheideMVPPA53,7 MWp2024 - 2025 (planned)
Dettmannsdorf-SüdMVPPA36,0 MWp2024 - 2025 (planned)
MarlowMVPPA55,6 MWp2024 - 2025 (planned)
Dettmannsdorf-WöpkendorfMVPPA43,2 MWp2024 - 2025 (planned)
HeideckBYEEG8,8 MWp2024 (planned)
SeukendorfBYPPA11,6 MWp2024 (planned)
KönigsfeldBaWüEEG5,4 MWp2024 (planned)
Donnersdorf-TraustadtBYPPA13,2 MWp2024 (planned)
VogelsangBBGPPA59,4 MWp2025 - 2026 (planned)
ZarnewanzMVPPA49,2 MWp2025 - 2026 (planned)
Friedland-OelsenBBGPPA96,1 MWp2025 - 2026 (planned)
Höttingen 2BYEEG12 MWp2025 (planned)
St. AlbanRLPEEG4,5 MWp2025 (planned)
Kolitzheim-GernachBYPPA16,3 MWp2025 (planned)
Kolitzheim-HerlheimBYPPA20 MWp2025 (planned)

Planning Germany North

Office Bernau
Bahnhofsplatz 2
16321 Bernau bei Berlin

Regional Manager North

Tel.: +49 3338-35749-15

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +49 3338-35749-16

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +49 172 2977 172

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +49 421-3304 - 255

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +49 162 2319 137

Planning Germany South

Office Augsburg
Viktoriastraße 3b
86150 Augsburg

Regional Manager South

Tel.: +49 821-7898-4455

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +49 821 7898-4451

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +49 821 7898-4458

EPC Germany

Office Bremen
Mary-Somerville-Str. 5
28359 Bremen

Implementation/ Purchasing

Tel.: +49 421 3304-570

Construction Manager

Tel.: +49 162 10 52 472

Construction Manager

Tel.: +49 173 6108 788