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Solar parks

Energy from the wind and the sun complement each other perfectly!

Against this background, Energiekontor expanded its activities in the field of solar energy many years ago. Since this expansion, the company can look back on a number of successful years.

Similar to our wind project developers, we take care of all phases of a successful project development - from planning and construction to commissioning. We are active throughout Germany and believe our competence stems from our concept of regionalisation. In addition, we implement various models for citizen participation and participation in the region. At our locations in Bremen, Bernau near Berlin and Donauwörth, our experienced employees are responsible for realising the projects. We are constantly looking for suitable locations, cooperation partners and project rights from solar park already drawn up plans for future projects.

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In February 2019, Energiekontor signed the first Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a major electricity supplier in Germany. With this move, Energiekontor opened up a new aspect of utility solar park planning, with it now being possible to operate large solar parks on a long-term basis with favourable economic conditions without EEG subsidies. This development will have a lasting impact on the electricity producer market in Germany and is an important building block towards our vision of a power supply from 100% renewable energy.

Our solar park portfolio is currently being expanded with the construction of three additional parks in the states of Brandenburg and Bavaria. During the year 2020, Energiekontor expects to obtain building permits and financing agreements for a total of seven projects with over 200 MW.

Projects Constructed or Project Rights Sold:

LocationPerformanceConstructed in
Debstedt1,5 MWp2012
Ramin9 MWp2013
Weitgendorf6,8 MWp2014
Groß Behnitz8 MWp2015
Nadrensee8,9 MWp2016
Garzau-Garzin10 MWp2017
Zapel6,25 MWp2018
Absberg4,75 MWp2019
Gefrees4,7 MWp2019
Karstädt Garlin3,8 MWp2019
Höttingen8,3 MWp2020
Theilenhofen9,2 MWp2021
Garzau-Garzin 24,7 MWp2021
Stopfenheim7,5 MWp2021 (planned)
Karstädt 25,3 MWp2022 (planned)
Bergen11,5 MWp2022 (planned)
Heideck8,6 MWp2023 (planned)

PPA Projects in Development:

LocationPerformanceConstructed in
Dettmannsdorf-Grünheide53 MWp2021 (planned)
Dettmannsdorf-Süd38,9 MWp2021 (planned)
Marlow58,5 MWp2021 (planned)
Dettmannsdorf-Wöpkendorf38,3 MWp2022 (planned)
Karstädt 213,8 MWp2022 (planned)
Letschin60 MWp2023 (planned)

Alongside the core wind energy markets Germany, Great Britain and Portugal, Energiekontor is currently developing new markets for solar in France and the USA.

Do you have suitable land to lease?

If you are interested in the long-term lease of your land; we will quickly, without obligation and of course free of charge assess whether your plot is suitable for a solar park. We are looking to lease plots of land greater than 8 hectares. However, should your own plot be less than 8 hectares, neighboring plots of land can also be incorporated.

Not only the operator and the proprietor benefit from a solar park. These benefits also extend to the local community and local businesses. The image of the city or the district will be improved. The environment will be spared and it will help counteract global warming. Furthermore, the building of a solar park on a conversion area will lead to its remediation.

Interesting for us are plots of land which fit the following criteria:

  • Arable or Green land along Autobahn and Railway within 110m from the edge of the roadway/railway.
  • Conversion Areas: Areas of dismantled/disused industry, former military areas/property, renatured surface extraction areas, such as: gravel quarries, clay quarries, stone quarries, pumice quarries etc.
  • Building Works, for example: Industrial areas, Landfill, Dumps.
  • Disadvantaged Areas: low productivity agricultural land. For example due to altitude or lower soil quality.

Do you have a plot of land to lease?
Then please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Should you be interested in leasing a suitable plot of land, or know of any potential plots or leases then please leave us your contact details and  fill out the following information, so that we can better assess your plot of land. We will contact you as soon as we have evaluated your data. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Project Coordinators.


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