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Energiekontor remains on growth course in H1 FY2022 within a challenging market environment

Press Release August 12, 2022

  • Significant increase in sales €52.5 million (6M 2021: €40.2 million) and earnings from ordinary activities (EBT) €12.2 million (6M 2021: €8.0 million)
  • Strong earnings contribution from the segment Power Generation in the Group's own wind and solar parks €13.5 million (6M 2021: €0.02 million)
  • Consolidated net earnings reaches €8.5 million (6M 2021: €5.7 million); earnings per share (EPS) increases to €0.61 (6M 2021: €0.40)
  • Project pipeline expanded to over 9.0 GW

Bremen, 12 August 2022 - Energiekontor AG (ISIN DE0005313506, General Standard), one of Germany's leading project developers and operators of wind and solar parks, remained on course for growth in the first half of 2022 despite numerous challenges in the market environment. Power generation in the Group's own wind and solar parks, which benefited from good meteorological conditions to date and the continued conclusion of attractive private-sector power purchase agreements (PPAs), also made a particular contribution to the pleasing development of earnings. Overall, Group sales increased to €52.5 million (6M 2021: €40.2 million). Earnings from ordinary activities before taxes (EBT) increased by more than €4 million to around €12.2 million (6M 2021: €8.0 million) compared to the same period of the previous year. Consolidated net earnings was thus €8.5 million at the end of the first half of 2022 (6M 2021: €5.7 million). This corresponds to earnings per share of €0.61 (6M 2021: €0.4).

Peter Szabo, CEO of Energiekontor AG, on the 2022 half-year financial result: "Energiekontor remains on course in the first half of 2022. We were once again able to increase our earnings in the first six months of the current year, despite numerous challenges in the market environment. We are thus once again demonstrating the high resilience of our business model even in a difficult market environment. The further expansion of our project pipeline also forms a strong foundation for future growth. Nevertheless, the realisation period and the costs of project development, among other things, have increased in the reporting period. This reaffirms our long-term strategy of consistently continuing to focus on innovation and efficiency measures at all levels. In addition, we will consistently continue to expand the solar sector as an equal pillar of the Company in all country markets".

Project development and sales

In the first half of 2022, sales agreements were concluded for two wind projects in Germany and Scotland with a total generation capacity of over 40 MW. This means that wind farm projects with a total generation capacity of around 100 MW from the Scottish project pipeline have already been sold and put into operation. As of the reporting date, 30 June 2022, building permits for wind and solar park projects with a total generation capacity of around 500 MW were also in place. In total, 16 wind and solar park projects with a total generation capacity of around 215 MW were under construction as of the reporting date, 30 June 2022.

Project pipeline expanded to over 9.0 GW

In the reporting period, Energiekontor once again succeeded in expanding its project pipeline in the first half of the 2022 financial year by around 500 MW to more than 9.0 GW (incl. US project rights) and more than 8.4 GW (excluding US project rights) compared with the status on 31 December 2021. This makes the project pipeline the largest in the Company's history as of 30 June 2022.

Milestone in the ESG strategy - successful EMAS certification

As a pioneer in the renewable energy sector, Energiekontor makes an active contribution to climate protection and the global reduction of CO2 emissions with solar and wind parks. In future, Energiekontor also wants to integrate environmentally and climate-conscious actions more strongly into its everyday work. Energiekontor has therefore introduced the environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) developed by the European Union at its headquarters in Bremen and has been successfully EMAS-certified since 11 May.

Wind farm with 27 MW taken over into own portfolio

Shortly after the deadline of 30 June 2022, the Alfstedt wind farm with a total generation capacity of around 27 MW was commissioned. The wind farm will be transferred to the company's own portfolio as planned. Energiekontor is thus increasing the hidden reserves held in the Group and expanding its own portfolio to a total generation capacity of around 360 MW. With this and other projects earmarked for its own portfolio, the company is also increasing the funds that will be available for the expansion of project development in the future in accordance with the organic growth model.

Outlook 2022
The economic challenges and uncertainties have increased in the first half of FY2022, partly due to the war in Ukraine and the ongoing corona pandemic and its consequences for all market participants. Nevertheless, Energiekontor continues to expect a positive business development for FY2022. In principle, the future regulatory and legal framework conditions for renewable energies have improved in all national markets in which Energiekontor is active. This should have a positive impact on Energiekontor's business outlook in the medium to long term.

The report on the first six months of FY2022 as at 30 June is available on the Energiekontor website.

About Energiekontor AG:

A solid business policy and a lot of experience in renewable energies: This is what Energiekontor has stood for more than 30 years. Founded in Bremerhaven in 1990, the Company is one of the pioneers in the industry and is now one of Germany's leading project developers. Its core business ranges from the planning and construction to the operational management of wind and solar parks in Germany and abroad. In addition, Energiekontor operates wind and solar parks with a nominal output of around 360 megawatts in its own portfolio. Energiekontor AG also aims to play a pioneering role in economic terms and to realise the first wind and solar parks in all target markets at market prices as quickly as possible, independently of state subsidies.

In addition to its headquarters in Bremen, Energiekontor has offices in Bremerhaven, Hagen im Bremischen, Aachen, Augsburg, Bernau bei Berlin, Potsdam, Berlin-Spandau and Hildesheim. The Company also has offices in England (Leeds), Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow), Portugal (Lisbon), USA (Houston/Texas and Rapid City/South Dakota) and France (Toulouse, Rouen).

The proud record of accomplishment since the Company was founded: 132 realised wind farms and 13 solar parks with a total output of well over 1 gigawatt. This corresponds to an investment volume of approx. 1.8 billion euros.

The Company went public on 25 May 2000. The Energiekontor AG share (WKN 531350 / ISIN DE0005313506) is listed in the General Standard of the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt and can be traded on all German stock exchanges.


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