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Peter Szabo

CEO of Energiekontor AG
Graduate in business administration

Curriculum vitae

Born in: 1965Nationality: GermanPlace of residence: OldenburgPlace of birth: Frankenberg/EderInitial appointment: 2003Appointed until: End of 2024
Professional background:

Peter Szabo joined the Company when Energiekontor AG went public in 2000. After a short familiarisation period, he took over the management of the central subsidiaries.
In 2003, Mr Szabo was appointed to the Management Board of Energiekontor AG, which he has headed as Chairman since 2011. Prior to joining Energiekontor, Mr Szabo worked as a management consultant and in a leading position in project development in the real estate sector.
In addition to his general duties as CEO, Mr Szabo is responsible for the foreign markets, Finance & Controlling, Investor Relations, Sales, as well as ESG (Environment, Social and Governance).  

Updatetd: December 20, 2022

Other mandates: CEO of Energiekontor AG, BremenCurrent Group mandates: none