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Continued operation of wind turbines

Continued operation of wind turbines

The design life of a wind turbine is set to 20 years. This, however, is a merely theoretical assumption and does not mean the turbine is no longer fit for continued operation after expiry of such term, on the contrary.

There are many reasons for extending the useful life beyond the term of 20 years, such as for instance:

  • Locations with strong winds
  • Unencumbered wind farms
  • Good technical condition of wind turbines
  • Reliable calculation of income and cost based on experience from previous operating years
  • Future tendering procedures

In order to facilitate the continued operation of a wind turbine beyond its design life and to render such operations profitable, it must first be ensured that the turbine can be operated reliably during the remaining useful life; the profitability calculations must further show a favourable ratio between income on the one hand and operating and maintenance costs on the other.

Our “Continued Operation - 20 years plus” team plays a pioneering role here and has managed to successfully extend the permits for the following wind farms up until 2025:

  • windfarm Beckum I
  • windfarm Beckum III
  • windfarm Engelrod
  • windfarm Lengers
  • windfarm Misselwarden
  • wind turbine Sottrum
  • windfarm Spieka Neufeld
  • windfarm Wechtern

We coordinate official proceedings and requirements and accompany the process of obtaining the approval for continued operation until the original term of the planning permission has been extended by the competent district authorities.

Furthermore, we also offer our support when it comes to renewing the existing option agreements to ensure that this aspect of continued operation is also covered.

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