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Key figures

Income statement

in EUR million20162015Change in %
Total output166.7210.1-21%
EBITDA (EBIT plus depreciation/amortisation)72.166.1+9%
EBIT (EBT plus financial result)53.849.7+8%
EBT (Earnings before tax)35.529.7+20%
Consolidated net income25.320.9+21%
Earnings per share (EPS) in €1.741.43+22%

Balance sheet

in EUR million20162015Change in %
Plant and equipment (wind farms)170.9222.7-23%
Total assets361.4399.1-9%
Equity ratio19.2%12.6% 
Notional equity if limited partner capital is classified as equity, please see explanatory notes on IAS 32 in the Management Report20.5%14.9% 


in EUR million20162015Change in %
Cash flow from operating activities (operating cash flow)92.991.4+2%
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period118.5104.0+14%